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Looking for a Lawyer?

Are you Looking for a lawyer?

I'm Stan Gelman.   QC

I can provide you with independent legal advice (ILA)  in six key areas of law.

I specialize in;

  • Family, custody, support issues and divorce.  
  • Detailed wills and estates,
  • wrongful dismissal,  
  • Slip and fall injuries.  
  • Real Estate.
  • Automobile Accident Injury Claims

Our offices are conveniently located near  Hurontario street, south of the 401 .
We serve the west Toronto Mississauga and Oakville.

You can reach me directly at 905 270 5110

When you need a first or second opinion to help you be informed.  The initial consultation is free.  

[email protected] • phone: 905 270 5110